Wednesday , May 18 2022

The millionaire game for LASK


This is a historic opportunity: LASK is 2-1 today in their second game against FC Basel. "The stadium should not burn but explode," said LASK coach Valerie Ismael. 14,000 fans will kick out athletes in the home game of the third qualifying round of the sold-out Gugl Champions League (8.30pm, ORF one live).

Five million euros is the entry into the playoffs. So much goes to every club that fails on the threshold to the group stage. This UEFA prize will have to win hard for LASK – and it is prepared for the next appearance of the opponent as 2-1 in Basel. "They didn't expect us to run out for 90 minutes. They probably thought we'd be tired in 20 minutes and didn't get along," Ismael recalls. "The moment of surprise is no longer there."

But very well LASK's belief in his own strength. Therefore, projection does not change the way the game is played. "We go into every game to win it. We're PLEASE and that's how we play," said the coach firmly and confidently. "We will march while our feet carry and reach the limit in 90 minutes."

The role of outsiders has not changed. "Basel is the favorite and should be delivered. It's about keeping a cool head." And to learn from the first game, despite the highest performance. "There were times when we didn't defend ourselves as we wanted."

Basel with the break

Seven of the nine away matches have been won by the Swiss with a result that will yield at least one sequel today. The Swiss need at least two goals for promotion. Two goals were scored by LASK only in the first round for the Cup at 6-2 at Vöcklamarkt. In the three Bundesliga victories, one was unbeaten, Basel broke the goal in the first beam game. It will be the instrument of the Swiss even today – in the face of 1.98-meter striker Kemal Ademi. Emmanuel Pogatec will likely have to keep his head in numerous air duels as a representative of the injured Christian Rambsner.

Ramsebner remains just a thumb in the stands. He angered fans on Instagram: "Playing with a sold-out Gugl and playing LASK in Champions League qualifications was unimaginable just over four years ago, so enjoy this game, let Gugl burn and whip our boys to victory! "

The millionaire game for LASK

Basel coach Marcel Kohler

Photo: GEPA photos

"We need to fight"

"We were traveling here to make it big," Basel defender Silvan Widmer said yesterday at his last training session. The plan for the match was given by coach Marcel Kohler: “We need to defend ourselves more, we need to keep more against him. We can play better than at home. It's not about talking about it, it's about showing. "

Kohler had a déjou yesterday: in 2012 he was the manager of the ÖFB team last at Gugl. After 0-3 against Côte d'Ivoire, the grass was criticized. The second leg extra recently moved visually without a good figure. "Is it burned?" Kohler asked. LASK captain Gernot Trauner reassured himself: "He's good, though he may not look like that."

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