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The woman wants to travel by plane and can not believe who is sitting next to her – Panorama

The woman is on the plane and can not believe who is sitting next to her

Photo: AP

Travel with airplane they are not something for everyone. Some are afraid of flying, others just do not want to feel in the cabin like a sardine in the office.

But what if you do not use "normal" body measurements airplane is he on his way? It then becomes quite tight on the standardized seats.

A strong winner on the plane

Strengths like Brian Shaw (37) and Eddie Hall (31) need to realize this again and again. Because of the height of 2.03 meters and weight 192 kilograms, it can sometimes be a bit firmer.

And as if he is not tight enough in his own seat, one should not forget that on the plane several people usually have to sit next to each other.

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The strongest man in the world is too big for places on the plane

A picture of the four-time winner of Instagram's "World's Most Powerful Man" shows the size she has for her potential neighbors. The woman was surprised to see who sat next to her. Apparently she calmed down. Or maybe just for the picture.


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Would you replace your seat?

But it will be particularly absurd if two such giants come together. Dead End World Recorded Eddie Eddie Hall published a photo of a flight from London to Scotland.

Nobody wanted to change

He writes: "The check-in ladies have been sitting with me and a Shaw flight from London to Scotland by the side and no one in the plane would like to change their place with one of us."

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And then, ironically, he adds, "Would you change places with one of us? I do not.

Travel is not only difficult in economy class

After all, they can take such a nuisance with humor. Otherwise, the two are hardly possible, because even in the business class, places are not big enough for athletes. (Db)

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