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These are the new ministers «

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Federal President Alexander van der Bellene is today at 13 o'clock.

from Michael Jungwirth | 09.53, 22 May 2019


The Federal President Alexander van der Bellene Today, at 13 o'clock, the transitional government is being chaired by Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz (ÖVP), experts who must follow the escaped FPÖ ministers.

  • Chairman of the Supreme Court Ekart Ratz becomes the heir of Herbert Cickel as Minister of the Interior
  • The Social Department becomes head of the former department Walter Pöltennerformer SPÖ member, head.
  • Head of the Air Traffic Management Authority "Austro Control", Valerie Haccle, takes over the infrastructure.
  • For the third time in the Second Republic he moves with Johann Luif a career officer as Defense Minister at Rossauer Lände's home. Johan Luff is one of the four Chiefs of the Department, Deputy Chief of Staff, and applies, as an inner man says, as a "pragmatist, self-representation is alien." They both know about the general times in Burgenland. Dowskill and Luff were both head of police or military commander in Burgenland. Dosposil led the current 60-year-old General in the ministry and is in negotiations as Chief of General Staff. Before that, Luff was the EU Force Commander in Bosnia and Kosovo Deputy Commander. Luif is the third professional minister at the head of the ministry, after Carl Luttgendorf and Johan Freichsler headed the ministry under the chancellor Bruno Kryski.

Of the seven blue government members so far only five have been employed (interior, defense, civil servants, social affairs, trafficking). Foreign Minister Karin Kneiss remains the new government, Secretary of State Hubert Fuchs is not replenished.

13:00: Federal President Alexander van der Bellene is today at 13 o'clock in the transitional government under the direction of Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz.

14:00: Statement by Federal Chancellor Kurtz

After the announcement of the elections for the turquoise blue coalition, the government reorganization became necessary due to the FBI's fatal "video of Ibiza".

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