Thursday , September 23 2021

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Sao Paulo (AP) – Struggle for the World Cup Sebastian Vettel lose before the Grand Prix before the end of the season on Sunday (18.10 CET) in Brazil. Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton don't want to leave Ferrari's star to the constructors' championship.

But there are other topics for discussion at Interlagos.

Michael Schumacher is a Formula 1 legend. Seven times the world champion Kerpener – it's incomparable. He won 91 Grand Prix – it's also unequaled. But will these records remain incomparable? Lewis Hamilton currently has five titles and 71 wins, Sebastian Vettel four titles and 52 wins. Schumacher's time was difficult compared to hers, Vettel said when asked if the tape could be damaged. "I don't know, it depends on the next few years about how competitive we are and Lewis." The Schumacher numbers assume Vettel but "far enough."

In the past it came on the sidelines of the race Sao Paulo every now and then attack Formula 1 teams. Of course, managers want to avoid this year. "I always feel safe in Brazil," said World Champion Lewis Hamilton. The committee has taken the right steps, so he also has confidence. "I have never felt really unsafe here," said Renault man Nico Dulkenberg. His team set this year but not like the past on armored cars to approach.

Four more Formula 1 cockpits are officially available for the upcoming season. Both Force India pilots, a tax artist at Toro Rosso and a Williams driver have not yet been announced. A very talented Frenchman Esteban Ocon had to leave Force India to pave the way for Lance Stroll Williams to make. His father, Lawrence, is now a Force India shareholder. The okons last chance is Williams. If he doesn't become a regular pilot there in 2019, Mercedes students will not turn into another series. Instead, he wanted to stay close to Silver Arrows and track tests, Ocon said.

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