Monday , August 2 2021

Top managers earned 16% more in 2018

The best managers in Austria won well last year. While the profits of companies included in the leading ATX index dropped by 16.9% (median) from 2017 to 2018, the remuneration of executives rose by an average of 16%. This is already calculated by the European business consultant hkp, which is compiling a wage chart annually.

Accordingly, the 14 Chief Executives, who were already in power throughout 2017, received an average of 2.2 million euros. "These are direct payments," explained HKP partner Michael Kramarsh in an APA interview, fixed content and variable components, but not for example. the pension scheme of the company.

The chief of OMV was the largest employee

Only six of the companies surveyed will have retirement benefits, "although almost everyone has one," Kramerce criticizes. "This is a nuisance, because if I give some cash or pay in a pension fund, both components are equally remunerated."

The head of the OMV Rainer soul is the 2018 CEO with an annual salary of 4.47 million euros. According to the calculations of the hkp, Gagen's emperors also included BAWAG Anas Abuzaakouk (4.45 million euros), Voestalpine chief Wolfgang Eder (3.76 million euros), Immofinanz executive director Oliver Schumy (3.43 million euros). Euro), Andritz Wolfgang Leitner's Executive Director (EUR 3.12 million) and Erste Group Executive Director Andreas Treichall (EUR 3.06 million).

The direct remuneration of CEO Georg Pölzl (2.55 million euros), CA Immo's CEO Andreas Quint (2.54 million euros) and Wienerberger's CEO is above the average of 2.13 million euros for ATX Heimo Scheuch (2, EUR 30 million).

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