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Triple H is said to be "very disappointed" with RAW and SmackDown

This major report has made many of WWE fans sit down and notice: no one else than Ligaboss's son Vince McMahon shares the critics of many viewers about the current quality of RAW and SmackDown.

Paul Levesk, also known as Triple H, said he was "very disappointed with how things are going in the mainstream," says the well-informed Burch Observer in the current issue of his bulletin.

Triple H – still active in the ring – is sitting on the full-time WWE executive board, responsible for talent acquisition and management, and the highly respected NXT development team. Because of his good work there, Triple H is perceived by many as a hope for the time after 73-year-old Vince McMahon.

It is obvious that Triple H has its problems here and now – and seems to stick with the still-present.

It is believed that Vince McMahon is "too open"

Unlike many suspects, the accusation does not suggest that McMahon is too stubborn to impose his own ideas. On the contrary, McMahon is "too open" for too many cheats.

on observer gives a report to an inner man who, roughly speaking, finds that there are too many cooks in WWE's creative team that will ultimately spoil the pulp.

There is "too much input from too many people who are not considering the consequences of changing a chain reaction story." The result of McMahon's inconsistency was that too many stories were "diluted" and "true visions and storylines" fell by the road.

WWE recently received a lot of fan criticism

WWE has been struggling to cut US television ratings over the last few months (response: the introduction of the Wild Card Rule) and has had a lot of criticism from fans because of the quality of the broadcasts.

Much of it has come to McMahon, who is famous and famous for his controlled anger even in small cases. He also had a number of flaws in the creative team, including Triple's longtime companion Road Dogg after WrestleMania from his job as a chief author at SmackDown, alleged to be disappointed with McMahon's instability.

It is remarkable and rare that even critical sounds from the middle of the Triple H are permeated.

Triple H publicly totally loyal

While it is noticeable that Triple H does a lot of different things with NXT than with RAW and SmackDown (amongst other things, there is a clear tendency towards more strenuous storyline and less jump – where the broadcasts broadcast on the internal portal for WWE, appear below the Citation Pressure Stand).

Publicly, however, Triple H is completely loyal to the boss, even behind the scenes observerAccording to the reports, serious efforts are being made not to resolve differences with McMahon over others. The conversations always led the two behind closed doors.

Overall, behind-the-clock expectations are about what happens when McMahon's new McMahon McMahon project begins in February next year, the return of the XFL football league. With McMahon's WWE load, it's almost impossible for him to get on the XFL without going back to the WWE.

The new competitive situation with their upcoming debut league AEW WWE will soon be busy.

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