Sunday , June 20 2021

Viral baits confuse the immune system

Strategies to Avoid Ebola Viruses

A research team from Tübingen and Göttingen described a new mechanism by which the Ebola virus escapes the immune system. The virus causes infected cells to separate so-called "baits." They disrupt the immune system by deactivating its neutralizing antibodies and protecting the immune cells from releasing important messengers.

Like the team around the virologist Professor Dr. Med. Biol. humming. Michael Schindler of the University Hospital Tübingen The Ebola virus envelope protein causes the cells to emit small vesicles on the surface of which the Ebola virus envelope protein is located., These so-called Virosomes bind antibodiesthat against the Ebola virus are targeted. As a result, the fight against infection by antibody response is obstructed,

In addition, virosomes inhibit the release of cytokines and chemokines from macrophages. on Macrophages usually release ambassadors that coordinate the body's immune system with viruses. Why is it, however, in most cases infected with an immune response to the Ebola virus?

Virologists again have an explanation:The immune system has developed countermeasures against baits– explained Schindler. So we were able to show that another cellular proteinwhich is important The role of the innate immune system play this Virosomes are avoided. "

Immunize with virosomes?

In addition to the importance of knowledge for fundamental research, potential applications arise from the newly discovered properties of virosomes. "Virosomes apparently carry functionally intact Ebola shell protein on their surface but are otherwise not infectious"said Prof. Stefan Pölmann, co-author of the study and head of the Infectious Biology Department at the German Primary Center in Göttingen Virosomes are attractive candidates for vaccine development. "

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