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Vorarlberg shot briefly: Really shabby – News

Two cases of deportation brought the atmosphere behind Arlberg to a boil: First, a well-integrated gastronomic apprentice from that country was expelled. Then a pregnant woman who desperately needed hospitalization was separated from her son (3).


What do you think about hardline Austria currently driving in deportation?

In a community forum in Bregenz, there were successive riots. Angry people demanded a clear and concise answer to the controversial deportation case in Vorarlberg.

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In short, the actions of the authorities in this case are described as "totally unacceptable", but at the same time say that the problem is clearly self-made. "An error has occurred here in Vorarlberg, the authority led by Vorarlbergern to my knowledge," Kurz said in an interview with "ORF Vorarlberg".

"It is sometimes easy to scold Vorarlberg for Vienna, but citizens of Vorarlberg made the decision in Feldkirch," the Chancellor commented on anger at Ländle to "Vorarlberger Nachrichten".

"What Sebastian Kurz might not know …"

According to this statement, it boils behind Arlberg. The Green State Council and state spokesman Johannes Rauch violently attacked Kurz in an interview with "ORF Vorarlberg": It should also be known by the Chancellor that "here, the first federal law is enacted and secondly, the authorities are bound by instructions." Law enforcement practices are given by the federal government, or the Interior Ministry Herbert Kickls (FPÖ).

"I think it's very shabby to hide behind officials as a politician. It is the last class. There are people who must bear political responsibility," smoke smoke: Short men must be enough to say that at any cost the Minister of Interior is taken protection. The "rough attack" of the Federal Chancellor on Vorarlberg's condition must be rejected in the strongest terms.

"What Sebastian Kurz might not know: there is no Chancellor who is fine if he succeeds with Vorarlberg," said the Green man who threatened Vienna.

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