Monday , July 26 2021

When Steam added, Epic Games does not have many exclusive offers

The battle between Epic Games Store and Steam is far from over. Or is it? If Steam offers good conditions, Epic will make fewer exclusive deals.

Epic Games Store is currently competing with Steam despite the number of games it can manage. This is because Epic offers much better conditions for game makers, and big games such as Borderlands 3 are then making extraordinary deals with the Epic Games Store. If only temporarily.

These games will be released in 2019 exclusively at the Epic Games Store.

Now Tim Sweene, Chief Executive Officer of Epic Games, announced on Twitter that under certain conditions they would offer significantly fewer titles exclusively. For this, however Steam game,

"If Steam strives to generate a solid 88% revenue share for all developers and publishers without significant compensation, Epic will quickly try to download its outstanding titles (while continuing to meet our partners' commitments) and consider hosting our own Steam games to ask. "

With this statement, Sweeney acknowledges that for the benefit of developers and publishers, Epic Games would even give up on some deals, if Steam is paid equally good conditions,

a a small door Of course, the head of Epic Games behaves openly, writing that he will continue to work with partners. What these obligations seem to be is totally vague and theoretically can cover everything from verbal contracts to fixed contracts.

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