Tuesday , June 15 2021

Why does the Duchess Megan's baby ball suddenly look so prominent?

Why is Duchess's stomach (37) suddenly so prominent? Last October announced it as official: Prince Harry (34) and his Megan are expecting their first child together. Since then all eyes have been on British royal faces – especially the pregnant American American. On Tuesday, Megan and her godfather took part in an event in front of London's Natural History Museum – and suddenly it looks like a ball!

Calvin Klein's cream-colored garments (76), which are conscious of the body, deliver the baby ball to the 37-year-old especially well. how Daily Mail It was reported a few weeks ago that Megan revealed to a fan that she had already been pregnant for six months – the date of birth of the Susak's heir is scheduled for late April or early May. About Megan's stomach is too strong for some Twitter users – one of her followers also said her stomach always worked with different sizes. Drop duchess for wrong game with the public?

In an interview with gala Prof noted Dr Med. Kurt Hecher, a specialist in gynecology at Eppendorf University Hospital, on Meghan's XXL Ball. "In my opinion about Megan's pictures, I suppose the belly, for example, looks different in size because of its position"Kurt mentioned. Asked if the brunette might even expect twins, he said, "Of course, you never see twins outside, you can not deny this or deny it, but I think the date is right."

Megan Markel and Prince Harry in LondonGetty ImagesPicture Gallery button
Megan Markel and Prince Harry in London
Megan Mark and Prince Harry in FebruaryGetty Images

Megan Mark and Prince Harry in February
Duchess Megan Marl at the Natural History MuseumGetty Images

Duchess Megan Marl at the Natural History Museum

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