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Xiaomi Mi 9 in the test: The New Leading Killer

With Mi 9, it is advisable to have a charging cable with you. If the risk of battery drain is compromised, it may be recharged for a short time.

A special assistant button

on Xiaomi Mi 9 has a dedicated (Google) AI wizard on the opposite side of the power button next to the power button and the volume key. For someone who loves and often Google Assistant, the AI ​​button is definitely a comfortable thing.

I use the intelligent assistant, as well as not at all, so the special control button is meaningless and actually quite annoying. That's how it goes Google Assistant often if you accidentally press the button in your pocket. Also, it has often happened to me that I confused the AI ​​button with the power button.

If you do not want to use the AI ​​button, you can disable it in: Settings – Manage applications – Three-point menu – Default apps – Help and voice input – Help application – None. With third-party apps, you can also place the desired application or feature on the AI ​​button.


Xiaomi rejecting the Mi 9 on a 3.5mm headphone jack. The corresponding USB-C jack is connected to the phone.

on Smartphone also has an infrared port for which a separate Mi-App has been installed. Like most other phones, Mi 9 can also use two SIM cards.

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