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& # 39; Mahi Rai Mana & # 39; (Video)

Published: November 8, 2011, 11:11

Jeet and Sainthika returned to the big screen together after almost two years. Three different stories have been told in the film & # 39; Tiger Kaadhi Khel & # 39 ;, produced by Surinder Films.

There is a unique experiment in the world of Bangla films. For the first time, Jeet, Prosenjit and Soham will be seen in the same film. But they will be seen acting in three different directors.

Three directors of the three Tiger prisoners run by Raja Chanda, Sujit Mandal and Haranath Chakraborty were directed by the director. Even though the director is different, the story continues with the same mystery. As a result, each story remains in the past story.

Jeet and Saintika played in the Tiger section directed by Raja Chanda. The recently released film & # 39; Mahi Re & # 39; where Zit and Sionika's romance was improved. The sunlit sound is very interesting to sing songs with very good words. Music, Tune Josh likes Jit to always perform well in the song.

After almost two years together, both of them looked together on the screen and were really very happy. Many people have loved it since they released sweet love songs on Ubaytube. Mahi Ray is currently trending at number three.

This is the first time a film has been released on television rather than in a movie theater. Tiger captive games will be coming soon to Star Jorge.

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