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5 donation boxes assigned! Crashes left by prayer killed 1: -770670 Kaler Kanto

A man killed in Badakhar Sardar (65) was killed, who was murdered in carving with only 5 a box of donations to the mosque. The incident happened on Friday in Gopaldjan Sadar Uazila in the village of Bojarggi around 20:30. Police Department Sadar SJ Islam Islam confirmed the incident.

Police and locals say that over the past four and a half days, the two groups of the same family are fighting first against the enemies in the conflict. Later, they arrived at the meeting after Magrib's prayers on Friday to satisfy themselves. At that time, after discussing the old questions, everyone will be heard after the prayers of Taraby and the decision to resolve. At that time, Badal Sardar, who was killed, said the 5 strokes of the mosque's gift box were appropriated without Sardar's submission. There was a tension between the talks and the two parties between Badal Sardar and the boss of the tour. Meanwhile, after the beginning of Tara's prayers, the two countries began to face Salat.

The police also said Badal was seriously injured after visiting Sardar and his sons Badal. When the injured Sardar Sardar is taken to the General Hospital in Gopalgan, the doctor on duty declares him dead. The father's name is Fakku Sardar.

The police are located to keep the situation calm.

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