Wednesday , September 22 2021

8 arrests in militant involvement in the capital

Counter Terrorism Unit Police arrested eight people for alleged involvement in militant involvement in the capital's Mirpur area.

On Thursday (November 8), eight NGO workers were arrested with 1.3 million Tk.

The captured group collected money from several countries, including Pakistan, to financially assist JMB and Ansar al-Islam. The police alleged that they wanted to strengthen their militant activities in the Chittagong region.

Deputy Commissioner of Counter Terrorism Police Unit Mohibul Islam told the media that on Wednesday night, they arrested eight people from an NGO named & # 39; Kecil Canade Bangladesh & # 39; during the operation in Mirpur.

Police said they did not disclose their names even though most of those arrested were involved in Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chhatrashibir.

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