Friday , August 19 2022

Action in the nature of rape is very challenging: Peace


A special report: Mira Chopra plays the title role in the movie Section 1. The main purpose of this film is to highlight the challenges of the life of a woman victim of rape. Where Mira played the role of a rapist. This time the actress herself was a victim of her involvement in this movie.

According to the actress, she understands how challenging the role is in the character. He was also mentally injured when he played the role. Even after the shooting, he could not recover from the stress. Even after acting in this role, he collapses mentally. He also said that while acting in this role, he has repeatedly felt that what has happened to those who go through this situation is a terrible situation.

Mira says that being involved in the Section 1 movie has changed her life a lot. He has experienced a life-changing experience. He was able to feel many unfamiliar things

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