Saturday , May 21 2022

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Bong Duni Web Bureau: The names of the winners of this year's National Film Awards have already been announced in various Indian media.

This year's National Film Award will be the work of Bengali film "Ek Jee Hai Raja", directed by Mukherjee. In this movie, the actor is seen playing the main character Jesus Sengupta. Jaya Ahsan, a popular Bengali actress, was seen playing another character in the movie.

Earlier this year, the film won India's National Film Award as the Best Regional Language Cinema. This year, Jaya will win the 7th National Film Award with the participation of Jaya Starrer's Ek Jee Hai Raja. And that's why Jaya found it impossible to please.

On social media, Jaya posted a few pictures of Ek Jaas Raja on Facebook and for two reasons it gave me great pleasure.

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