Saturday , April 17 2021

Ahm Hassan is angry for some reason

Aam Hasan, a small screen actor, prevents anyone from coming to him. Even his lovers and friends could not get near him. He is really angry with someone. What happened to this actor all of a sudden? The reason for AHM Hasan's behavior will be known by watching a play titled "Ghasa"

He recently plays a character in a play entitled "Gus" in front of Eid. Akash Nibir is directing a drama on NR Media. Ruhul Amin Patik wrote the play in the history of Istik Ahmed Rumel.

Regarding the play, AHM Hasan said: "The audience will be very happy to see this play. Many in the name of drama can recognize it. Hopefully the play will gain popularity. Here Farzana Rikta plays against me.

Ahm Hassan said he is now busy with Eid's drama. He is also preparing for a film by his acting guru Mamunur Rashid.

Akash Nibir said the filming of the drama was completed in eastern Gazipur. Today, the third day of Eid will be aired on the Ekushi TV from 5:00 pm.

It is noteworthy that Amanul Hake Helal, Feeling, Nishat, Badal, KA Nilai Khan, Tacher Uddin Mana played the roles of Aam Hassan and Farzana Rikta in the play Gasa.


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