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Alternatives to Chemistry Fertilizing crops

A woman who is busy working in the earthquake. Wednesday at noon in the village of Chinasukania, Rajabari village, Sripur Usazila municipality. Photo: Prothom-alo

• Women also earn money by producing worms and fertilizers with training
• Other women are also encouraged by them
• Vertical fertilizer is used instead of chemical fertilizers

Successful use of vegetables for cultivation and production is a very popular day-to-day worm compost. In Gazpur's Sreepur, farmers are willing to use worm fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers in the production of safe food. Women also earn money by producing fertilizer worms with training. Other women are also encouraged by them.

Chinasukania, a village under the Rajabari Union of all upazilas. The village, full of agriculture that loves agriculture, is a village. Wednesday afternoon, from Rajabari Bazar to Chinasukania, people's illusion is visible on either side of the road. Flower cabbage, cabbage, onion, pumpkin, pineapple, tomato and other cereals are spread everywhere. Today, Chinasukania is achieved with some farmers. Of these, the story of Juboos is known from the saber green.

Sumon Sheikh, a farmer from this village, said that for one year he had abandoned the use of chemical fertilizers in his crops. Alternatively, use natural fertilizer worms. The number of farmers using this fertilizer in this area is 40-50. Another farmer, said Master Rahman, uses this fertilizer to increase crop production in vegetables. It is also a substitute for chemical fertilizers and vegetables that are produced in a healthier way.

Maxouda Begum of Chinasukania village produces a fertilizer for one year. He spoke of the idea of ​​fertilizer manure, first he received the worm from the agricultural office. After local channels, they brought small splinters. Mix with chopped pieces of banana leaves. Mixing fertilizer from 12 to 15 days in the sack. Then these ingredients are left in the cement-free containers. Within 20-22 days the material becomes coriander. This fertilizer is red fertilizer or vermicelli compost.

Another entrepreneur Mosharifa Khatun said that by producing this fertilizer, he would earn some of the cost of his family. To this end, he took the initiative to produce fertilizers. He was excited to see another side. Many people are now trying to come into this production with their initiative. There are many other women, including Femma Khatun, Lovely of this village, and are engaged in the production of earthworms.

According to the Agricultural Service, fertile soil contains 5% organic matter. Increases water capacity for water and air circulation. But in most parts of the country, the amount of organic matter in the soil is only 1%. So increasing the use of organic fertilizers in the soil will increase the natural fertility of the soil. The Vermi compost or earthworm fertilizer softens the soil and plays a role in increasing the water capacity. Creates a living environment for various microorganisms. On the other hand, the use of chemical fertilizers has reduced the fertility of the soil. As a result, from now on, the use of fertilizer of earthworms or compost with vermin should be increased.

Irene Sultana, Assistant Farm Assistant in Upsila, said that farmers in this area have been producing and using red fertilizers for years in vegetable production. At present, 35 people produce fertilizers. They make money by selling it at local grocery stores. At the same time, the use of chemicals in the fields also diminishes. The number of fertilizer manufacturers is increasing every month. Most of the entrepreneurs are women. Over the next few years, fertilizer manufacturers will be able to sell and sell worms in this area. The market price of kimchi per kilogram is two to three thousand paces.

Sreepur Upazila Agriculture Minister ASH Muhiidul Hassan said: "Fertilizer production is experimentally produced under the Rajabari Union within the National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP-2). In addition, many people produce differently in two or more alliances. We are getting new producers in the success of people who are now producing vermicelli fertilizers. He said, "We now provide farmers with all the tools, including insects, for free. Even if someone makes a big step, we will expand our cooperation.

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