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ASI Mahfouz smuggled 8 lakh yaba

ASI Mahfouz from Feni's special branch of police is involved in smuggling about 8 lakh Yaba. In the confession statement under Section 164 of the Jabba trafficking incident on Thursday evening, ASI's associate Topazzal Hossein said this.

Feni Senior Judge The statement was recorded in Zahir Hossein's court.

Additional Investigating Officer and CID Comilla Zone Additional Police Chief Jalal Uddin said: "In Feni Court, Tofazzal confessed an application under Article 164. Later, he was sent to jail by order of the court, for now 9 accused were detained.

Topazzal Hossein said in a statement that Yaba's relationship with ASI Mahfuz had begun in Dhaka a year before being arrested in Yerawada in Fenji. He also sells some big yaba chains. Approximately 60-65 lakhs transactions were made. He is about to give Jaba (Tofazal) Yaba to the ship that was captured by ASI Mahfuz. Mahfuz took the advance money for that.

According to RAB's information, ASI Mahfouz said after the arrest, between 2011 and 2013, Cox's Bazar Tekz received its reputation from the Yaba traders for its work. In his notebook, information on transactions of 28 rupees, 44,000 and 13,000 pacts, was found with 14 people.

According to judicial sources on June 21, 2015, ASI Mahfuzur Rahman is fleeing a child in the Lalpur area of ​​Fenni Sadar as he goes into the car. The members of the RAB-7 camp caught him after they chased him and arrested him. At that time, 7,000 Thousand pieces of Yaba, cash from Tk 7 lakh, 4 mobile phones, and 8 bank credit cards from various banks were recovered from the car.

Detached in Tofazzal, a resident of the Panbabati railway line, the small lake of Bhairab municipality in Kishoreganj.

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