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Bahalibaji of Masum Babul

As a child artist, he was in the actors' room. He then settled in the movie directed by Dancing. It is said that Masum Babul, Dance's favorite dancing director. He received the National Film Award for Dance Production. The dance director, "Ore Sampanwala," also directs the dancing director. After a long time, he will run a new movie. The name "Valki Bagji". In this context, Masum Babul said, I started the dance career through the film "Gaite". It's about 1984. I have worked as a dancing director in many Bengali films. And after the photo "Ore Sampanwala", after a long time we will manage a photo called "Velikibaji". The story and song of Sudip Kumar Dip will play Nadim, Sanjiu Jong, Shypon Mitra, Joy Choudhuri, Rasi, Romana Nir, Shirin Shila, Bipasha Kabir, Anil, Joyray. The music and music will be directed by Savvy, Dabu, Lincoln and Rajat. It will be produced by Tim Youngs.

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