Monday , July 26 2021

"Banana does not eat keto leaves, clothes in it roti"

Recently, Samad Kazi in the village of Durgapur Faridpur Sadar Usazila. Photo: Prothom Alo

  • Samar began cultivating bananas with four beads of land
  • At present, the banana garden of 400 beads of land
  • Four other partners are with Samad
  • Samad Kazi managed to grow bananas known in the area

– Bananas do not eat keto leaves, the clothes in it, known as Hata's statement, became the truth that in the life of Samad Kaji. He began to grow bananas with a lease of four beads of land (33 percent per square) to the house. Then only his story of success. His luck changed as he sold bananas.

Over the past eight years he has set up a banana garden with at least 400 beagles from Faridpur Sadar upazila, North Chanel, Dikrir Char and Isan Gopalpur Union and the nearby Goalanda area. Four other partners accompany him in this work.

Samad Kazi, 45, a son of Manan Kasie, a resident of the village of Durgapur, with Ishan Gopalpur from Faridpur Sadar Urazila. In 2011, he planted 4 houses on the ground next to his house to lease Tk 40,000 in five years. It has planted 1200 varieties of local varieties of land on the same land. Creation of land itself, planting, fertilizing and care. For one year he lost two polka rupees without paying all the costs. Then he did not have to look back. He cultivates bananas on 400 beads of land in different places, including in the Shar region. Later, he was linked to four partners.

Samad Kazi, the children of poor families. They were five brothers and sisters. He could not study because of lack. In the language of Samad Kazi: "I was a very poor (poor) man. I did not learn There was no land owner. People have cultivated the land by cultivating the soil. Once, I thought, it's not the end of the day. Can not cut So give up the mind of banana growing.

However, Samad Kazi taught children's education. He is the father of three daughters and one son. His wife, Rehma Hatun, said she did not teach herself, but she is always sincere for her children's education. He studies all children.

Samad Kazi sells two bananas by selling bananas. Buying 37% of the land and building a cottage censer Growing bananas is associated with it as another four people in the area. Buyers come and buy gardens and buy bananas. – The art of my garden is very tasty. There is no chemical fertilizer on the tree. Use organic fertilizers. As a result, the main flavor of banana remains unchanged.

A merchant named Sheik Sheik of the Arif Bazaar region, who collects art from her gardens, brings them to different Dhaka markets. Sheikh said that Samad cultivated local varieties of bananas. The taste of his banana is good. Demand for the market is also high. If you take this banana in different Dhaka markets, then do not get too much to sell.

According to the Department of Agricultural Expansion of the area, the collar is grown in 860 hectares of the area in the financial years 2017-18. Banana has produced 21,000 500 tonnes. Chartigra Chandra Chakrabartti, Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Expansion, said that Samad Kazi managed to grow bananas. It has a reputation for cultivating bananas in the area.

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