Sunday , July 3 2022

Bangladesh hits the ground running in September


Bangladesh will host a three-nation cricket tournament in September with Afghanistan and Zimbabwe in September. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has also announced the final schedule of the tournament. Zimbabwe, however, is against the ban on the International Cricket Council (ICC), the governing body of world cricket.

The ICC banned cricket in the country in July due to government intervention in cricket in Zimbabwe. As a result, the predetermined tricycle is endangered. However, BKB director and spokesman Jalal Yunus told reporters: "We spoke with ICC officials about this. According to them, there is no limit to the participation of teams in bilateral or three series. They were only banned from the ICC event. That's why we included them in this tournament. "

The series will run from September 7 to 25. Bangladesh originally had to play a bilateral series with Afghanistan in September. But they were added to the series because of a request from Zimbabwe.

The hosts will play a Test match with Afghanistan for the first time in Chittagong from September 7-8 before the tournament.

Index: T20
September 5: Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe, Dhaka
September 3: Afghanistan vs. Zimbabwe, Dhaka
September 5: Bangladesh v Afghanistan, Dhaka
September 5: Bangladesh vs. Zimbabwe, Chittagong
September 27: Afghanistan vs. Zimbabwe, Chittagong
September 27: Bangladesh v Afghanistan, Chittagong
September 27: Three Tournament Finals, Dhaka

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