Saturday , May 21 2022

Bidisha wants to tell Roshan why?


Jatiya Party Parliamentary Party leader Roshan Ershad expressed interest in meeting Bidisha, divorced wife of former President HM Ershad. Roshan Ershad is currently ill. He told reporters that he would consider meeting or meeting with Bidisha if he were healthy.

Bidisha expressed his interest in meeting with Rushan Ershad in a media interview after the death of former President N. Ershad. Later, after hearing about Bidisha's meeting with Ershad, he said that his mental state was not good. He had not yet considered meeting with Bidisha. If you are healthy, then you will think.

Vidisha said: "He wants to call her (Raushan) after meeting Raushan Ershad. He may have been angry with her. I think I have to say sorry in my direction. Because he gave up everything about the world and the party. Bidisha added, "We need to meet politically." We have to sit together for the team. I want to sit with him for the team.

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