Saturday , May 21 2022

Blessed is Jaya Ahsan


He was selected as the best Bengali film of the year by Ek Jize Hwa Raja, directed by Jaya Ahshan with the participation of Mukherjee. Therefore, the actress is very popular in Bangla. And the fascination was revealed by a post on social media Facebook.

There, Jaya Ahshan wrote Ek J High Raj, directed by Shrajit Mukherjee, received the 8th national award for India's Best Bengali Film this year. It was a great pleasure for me for two reasons. This award was given to Kaushik Ganguly in & # 39; 21 & # 39; I was one of the main characters in this movie. I also starred in this year's award-winning film "Ek Jai Hai Raja". Second, the context of this film is the Bhaval region of Bangladesh. As part of the research team, I participated in the cinematography of Bhawal's native Bengali accent. Coincidentally the context of the two films is Bangladesh, it has filled my level of happiness. "The One Who Was King", congratulations to the SVF production company and the entire team. "

In addition, Vicky Tactical has been jointly selected as the best actor for Ayushman Khurana and Uri in the feature film Ankhun. On the other hand, Kirti Suresh has become the best actress for Tamil movie Mahanati.

Bangladesh Time: 202 hours, 9 August, 20 August


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