Thursday , February 25 2021

BNP Threatens Conflict and Civil War: Obaidul Quader

Awami League Secretary General Obaidul Quadray File Images

The Secretary-General of the Awami League and Transport and Transport Minister Obaidul Quadar said the BNP threatened provocations and civil war, threatening to keep the observer in polling stations.

Responding to a question from journalists about the announcement of the BNP election center in the election before the international seminar of Dermatologists Aesthetica at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital Thursday morning.

Asked to see the threat from the BNP movement, Awami League Secretary-General Obaidul Quader said: "In the last ten years, sea motion from the sea is far away, and I have not seen a small wave anywhere.Fakhrul can see the dream. trust people, then how do they speak in aggressive language?

He said, "They threaten a civil war because what is the point of keeping three hundred and five hundred people at the center? If we organize so many people in the center, what will happen? There will be no more voices, civil war? Will not you vote, violence?

He also said that the way in which BNP speaks the language, but the onset of the conflict is happening. Which will break the current fair election environment and threaten the civil war in the name of the appointment of security guards at the center, it can not be tolerated. "

Interpreter Kedar said, "I want to raise the issue in an aggressive language all the time in an aggressive language." Elections Democracy is not in their language Today, people in the country want peaceful elections, and BNP uses aggressive language to ruin the beautiful environment of the election. my question, why do they do it?

On the question of BNP's claim that the Electoral Commission is biased, Kader said, "Ask it by the EC, I do not find any favorable behavior in my eyes, but we complained that they do not cover the RPO, we have to be very patient. of behavior.

In response to a question that the leadership of the National Unity Movement goes to in the GNP, Kader said: "We have already said that the national united front is not a question here, only the appearance of the Union of the Unified Front as the leader and the leader are punished. the presiding prison they use Kamal Hosain in this situation and bring more.

He said that today the motif of this united front is the direction of GNP, and all the activities of this united front come from London. What Tarek Rahman instructs from London is that the front of unity develops in his fingers, that's the reality. BSS

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