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BNP will be dishonest if you go to parliament:

Do this
He warned that the GNP would be identified as a traitor.

Following accusations of mass arming in parliamentary elections, said BNP, by their party
The winners will not be sworn in as MPs.

The ruling Awami League calls on BNP to go to parliament. Friday
Prime Minister Sheikh Hassina also called the same address to the nation.

Saturday is one
Oly, the chief coordinator of the 20-member union of the discussion, said, "This government chose,
We rejected it. We hope that the people of the GNP that have been elected,
They will not surrender the nation, do not surrender, do not go to parliament.

– In Parliament
If this happens, we will think that they (BNP) lied to the nation. Who are we
They have been in jail, who have worked hard, lied to them.

It is
The GNP received only six seats in the election. Moreover, their union is the national united front
Gooforam won two places. Olli Ahmad and every other BNP leader won
It can not

The robbery said, "This is the worst choice. History has been written for thousands of years
I will be there. Awami League will never get rid of this scandal.

– The Prime Minister
You mean, you're your daughter, Bangbanghu. Take care to correct what happened,
Ensure re-election requirements, if necessary. If not, the country will move to anarchy,
It will not be possible to stop the bleeding.

Prime Minister
The LDP president said, "On the one hand
You will talk about unity, on the other hand, whenever you abused BNP, BNP is interrupted
I will tear BNP …

If you want unity, then discussions on how to bring together national leaders with all party leaders
Where is the problem? Are we working against the country, are we against the people?
I work?

Freedom fighters I went to give life to this country. Your team has people who have such a life
Did you go?

The government's position against the people also shows that former Minister Olli Ahmad

– Now this time
Those who have participated in the election, whose wealth has increased several hundred times, they
It should be noted how this wealth increases? Just say that anticorruption will say: Zero
Tolerance will say and will not work, it is not acceptable. "

Once, BNP leader Oley asked for Zia's release, saying,
He will not be released. I do not know what GNP will do?

– But we can
The small party, we will be able to give advice to help them (BNP). But then
It is not possible for us to provide energy. "

Oli Ahmad (picture of the file)

Oli Ahmad (picture of the file)

He said, "You freed many corrupt people
The wife of the freedom fighter who announced the first independence, the army chief
He was the president, who was his wife, Begum Khalid Zea, and herself three times
Given that the prime minister was, we expect him to look at his age
The government will immediately release it.

National press
During the discussion meeting that demanded the release of the leader of the Yati Halleta Zia's party in the club's workforce in the club
"Ollie said.

Why the program was given after the rejection
No, the party's chairman of the 20-party coalition party party's party questioned why
Mostafjuri Rahman Iran

"Our leadership failed to provide a program against the robbery of the voices
I could not show a black banner, why not make a human chain, why?
Can not I give a memorandum?

– We are now
I'm just looking for cemeteries in the area where we're going to the grave, the grave
We do not know when it will end.

It is believed that the national front of the GNP with Hossein is wrong.

He said: "We are allies with Begum Kata Zia, we have a coalition with every other leader
No. As long as the country's leader does not leave us, we are all in the alliance. 0
We do not think there was another union outside the party union.

Party Jatia (Kazi Zafar) Secretary General Mustafa Jamal Haider, Kalyan Party
President Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, BNP Deputy Chairman Joynal Abedin, said
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