Friday , August 19 2022

Bollywood actress Vidya Sinha is seriously ill


Bollywood actress Vidya Sinha is seriously ill. He has difficulty breathing. He was admitted to Juhu Hospital on Thursday. There are reports that there are several issues with the lungs and heart.

Doctors say the actress' physical condition is stable. He was placed in a ventilator. His angiography was done. He is still being treated.

He is best known for his portrayal of Rajinigandha, Choti Si Bata, opposite actor Amal Palekar. He saw Singh also recently been seen in the series "Kulfi Kumar Bajewala". He also appeared in the poetry series Ekta Kapoor. He was also seen in Salman's "Bodyguard" movie.

On the contrary, the actress Vidya Singh had to go through some difficult times in her personal life. She saw she had to marry one of her neighbor's youths in 5th. One daughter adopted the child. Vidya Singh's husband died later in the 5th. Later Netaji Bhirao married a man named Salunkhe. Later, however, she and her husband divorced.

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