Saturday , May 21 2022

Can't Avoid Liability: Who –


But on other roads of the country
She claimed the holiday was a relaxing one.

Sunday is the last day of Eid
Visits Saedabad roads and highways team in the capital
Who speaks to journalists.

He said: "The image of the whole country
But it's not the same Dhaka-Chittagong, Dhaka-Sylhet, in the southwestern part of the country
Traffic without misery 1 There is only one route, the Dhaka-Tangail route

"So I am truly sorry."
As a minister I cannot avoid it But this is not a picture of the whole country After lunch
It will gradually become normal. "

According to Tangail police
Cars from various areas, including Dhaka-Gazipur, are approaching the four-lane Elling. But Elenga
Two lanes of. As a result, cars are being built there.

Bangabandhu Bridge from Elenga
Up to 5km this problem is obvious. Impact of Tangail on Bangabandhu Bridge
To Pakula the car is not able to cross the road about 5 km.

In this situation, the passengers on the northern route on Saturday passed through the night before crossing Tangail
None The situation did not improve much on Sunday.

Mohakhali inter-district on Saturday
Obaidul Quader said when checking the bus terminal, traffic on Dhaka-Tangail road
He has no information. However, there are slow motion vehicles.

Acknowledge traffic the next day
The Minister regretted this. After checking the activities of the vigilance team, he
He said 12 cars were fined to collect additional fees.

"Irregularities in the vehicle
The vigilance team is taking action after receiving the four-lane Tangail news
Traffic enters the line entry In addition, the car enters the route through traffic
The suffering is 1

"It's just one point apart
Eid travel situation is good across the country Traffic news coming from all over the country is incorrect. "

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