Sunday , May 9 2021

Deepica did not want to be a heroine, but invited Rannbir?

Deepica Paducone and Ranbir Singh

The Royal Wedding of Italy, after the arrival of Bangalore, Deepica Paducone and Ranbir Singha are waiting for the whole industry to be accepted in Mumbai. Because the famous victims are invited on this day. But Deepica did not want to invite the guest list or invite. But Ranbir invited him. Who knows that Selena?

It happens that Deepica does not want to call Katrina Keiff or her marriage. Because the personal chemistry of these two characters is not good at all. One day Ranbir Kapor had two dates with him. Both of them are Ranbir's ex-girlfriend. And because of Ranbir, the rupture is for them.

But Deepica did not invite Katrina or invite Ranbir Singh Only four days before the invitation was reached. Rambir invited him personally to the message. But she reports that Katrina has not received a personal message from Deepika.

It is also heard that Katrina talks with Salman Kahn whether she will go to the wedding or not. If everything is fine, then the reception of Demeka-Ranbir in Mumbai can be seen with Ali Abbas Zafar.

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