Saturday , July 24 2021

-Deshebideshe free iPhone screen display

Technology giant Apple iPhone customers have long complained, a bad screen used on the iPhone. Apple finally accepted the complaint.

Apple said there was a problem with some of the iPhone X phones. Apple said that there was a problem with the flagship display of the flagship iPhone in 2017.

The company's official support page says, "Some iPhone X customers face test problems. Customers face this problem for screen problems. & # 39;

Apple said that it could be known in two ways whether it was a problem with your iPhone X cellphone. If there is no touch on any part of the screen or if touch doesn't work on the entire display, then there is a problem with the phone. Apple also said that the cellphone had problems even though the cellphone did not respond to the touch of the display.

If you have a problem with both on your mobile, then your cellphone will be free at Apple. However, if this problem only exists on iPhone X phones, Apple will fix this problem for free. Customers must spend money to fix this problem in other models.

But Apple has included several conditions to change this look. If the iPhone X is damaged in several ways, the phone will not recover free from Apple Apple nor will it be able to free the screen if it is damaged or damaged. If there are other problems on the phone, Apple will get a free call only if they get their own money.

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