Sunday , July 3 2022

Donnie calls the Kashmiri crowd a "boom of Afridi"


The Central Government repealed Article 5 of the Indian Constitution. Jammu and Kashmir's special status has been revoked. As a result, turbulent conditions prevail in the land. Kashmiri people are angry and angry. They saw Indian cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni and gave him one.

The Indian government has deployed additional troops in Kashmir after the coup. Donnie is in charge of the lieutenant colonel. He patrols, guards and is on duty in the valley. The former captain of India is exposed to adverse conditions. The people of Kashmir greeted him with the slogan "Boom Boom Afridi".

A man named Mohammed Faizan Najib posted the video on social media on Wednesday. It turns out that the people of Kashmir are calling Don Boom Boom Afridi. In his caption he wrote: When Donnie reached Kashmir, the general public gave the slogan to the Afri boom.

In the meantime, the video has been retweeted 72 times, 25 times and over 4000 views. Over time, the number of visitors increases.

Dhoni brought India two Twenty20 Internationals and 20 Twenty20 World Cups. He is two months away after the World Cup. During this time he will serve as an Indian army in Kashmir.

Captain is the Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the Indian Army. He was promoted to 28th position. A 6-year-old magician is stationed in the 5th Territorial Army Battalion in troubled Kashmir. Mahi will be part of the Victorian forces until August 5.

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