Saturday , May 21 2022

East Bengal will play in Chittagong


The Sheikh Kamal International Cup Tournament will be held in Chittagong in mid-October. East Bengal has agreed to play in the tournament

Chittagong Abahani, who wants to host East Bengal and Mohanbagan at Calcutta at the Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup in October. Ruhul Amin, chairman of the club's football committee and sponsor of Saif Powertech, is in Kolkata to convince the two popular parties. He received the green signal from East Bengal, another popular club after receiving a green signal from Mohan Bagan yesterday. That is, the Sheikh Kamal Cup will be seen in the two rival clubs of Bengal East East Bengal and Mohanbagan.

The international tournament will be held in Chittagong in mid-October. Ruhul Amin of Kolkata said at the first light of Kolkata that East Bengal play was allowed in the tournament of this club: They have agreed to play in the Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup. "But this is not the last word on the part of East Bengal. This includes the final consent of the lead sponsor test. Organizers believe this will be accessible.

In addition, there is another question. Will East Bengal send in its primary team? Ruhul Amin, who is in talks to send the main team, said that East Bengal officials have said that East Bengal will play the main team of Sheikh Kamal's gold cup. They are preparing for the international tournament in preparation for the I-League. The Yellow-Maroons had to be pleased with the runners-up of the service.

Not only in India but also one of the best in South Asia, the popular clubs of Calcutta are East Bengal and Mohanbagan. Chittagong Abahani wants to organize Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup with these two teams together. A total of eight teams will participate in the international tournament organized in Chittagong. Chittagong Abahani wants to keep five foreign teams in it.

If there are two clubs in India, the tide of the tournament will increase many times over. East Bengal came to play in the first Sheikh Kamal tournament in the 21st. They had to be pleased with the loss of Chitagong Abahani's runners-up. Visitors flocked to the gallery to watch their game in the first room. So the organizers tried to bring back East Bengal.

Letters to the Maldives, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia were sent to the other three foreign groups. Bangladesh's three clubs host Chittagong Abahani, Abahani Limited and new Premier League champion Bashundhara Kings. This time, participants will receive $ 5,000. The champion team will receive $ 4,000. Runner-up prizes can be $ 4,000.

The second and final season of the tournament took place in 20. No club in Bangladesh can reach the final. Host Chittagong Abahani defeated South Korean club FC Pocheon 2-1 in the semifinals. And the champion was TC Sports of the Maldives. However, the first event of the 20th is a memorable one for the organizers. Chittagong Abahani became champion after defeating India in East Bengal in service.

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