Sunday , July 3 2022

Eid is trapped on a 7 day break !: – 802008 | The voice of time


Holy Eid al-Azha will be celebrated next Monday. Yesterday was the last business day before Eid. Since then, people have left jobs in different parts of the country, including the capital. One day after Eid, they get nine days' leave if they somehow manage the holiday. As a result, Eid's three days will be five days with weekly holidays, and the other will take nine days.

Employees of various public and private organizations get a nine-day vacation if they take a day off on Wednesday, August 5th. So the workers are preparing for a rough nine-day vacation.

The weekend before Eid today, Friday and Saturday. Holidays from then until Tuesday. Wednesday's business day is followed by a five-day vacation. It is open one day after the holiday on August 1, but the next day is National Mourning Day. As a result, with the exception of Wednesday's opening day, the holiday will be extended by nine days.

At various offices, yesterday, the last business day before Eid, usually many people go to the train station, bus station or start to return home.

Many were seen leaving work Thursday to leave the office. On Friday, the crowd came home about nine days after the holiday.

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