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Elton John and why British domination over the crowd

On the one hand, Sir Elton John, on the other hand, won a gold palm twice, why lobbies. On the same day, British domination spread across the southern periphery of these two souls. The English Amaj has spread to Sagarparar
On the third day of the Cannes Film Festival in France, the first exhibition of Sir Bott Brighton, Sir Elton John, the biographical film "Rocketman" was presented at 19:00 on Thursday (May 16th). He is out of the competition. Terrence Eserton, a British youth who plays the role.
Delton's decision to make a biography was removed from Dexter Fletcher's "Bohemian Rapasody," based on the life of Queen Band singer Freddy Markery. Do it in the time of Elton John's rise. It is pointed out that Elton pianist John Loyuk grew up in the small town as an international superstar. Bryce Dallas Howard, Richard Madden, Jamie Bell, Jimmy Jones and more in the movie "Rocketman."
Sir Elton John appears after the "Rocketman" blazer written in Lalghalicha on the gala screening of the film. Earlier, he came to the picture on Thursday morning. It was pretty lively everywhere.

Why lobbyingSection of the competition
In Grand Theater Lumiere on Thursday night, the exhibition of the new movie, "Suri We Missed You," aired by British director Kee Bachan, is being opened. In modern England, the driver of the delivery and his wife's ill-fated life are highlighted. In 2016 he won a gold palm through "I, Daniel Blake". The 82-year-old producer returned three years later to Kansutte. The show was for journalists at 22:30 at the time of Basin.
Earlier in the afternoon, the Big Lumiere Theater was the opening exhibition of Senegalese origin, the French woman-producer Earth Depp & apos; Atlantic. He is the first maker of black women to make history in the field of ear competition.
The surface of the soil is on the Atlantic coast. Dakar, the Senegal capital, builder of a refined building, loves 17-year-old Sudaimah. But his marriage to another is good. One night Sulejman and his colleagues left the country and crossed the sea, hoping for a better future. A few days later Ada married in the fire. Mysterious fever spreads. Ginger needs the return of Solomon.
The Brazilian creator Clebler Mensosa Filyo and Giuliano Doronellas & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; Baku's premiere in the competition division earlier in the day, at the Lumiere Grand Theater at 8:30 am and at 16:00 in the afternoon of Sal Du Sosantiime, the French director Leze Li & ; Le Mijerabs & apos; at 21:00, at 21:00. Outside the building of the festival, the Olympic Theater was again shown at 20:00.

BinapolaI'm Riga Sartre
Binopul of Russian producer Cantemir Ballack was shown at 8:30 pm Evening at 19:00. The story of Leningrad in 1945. The city was destroyed by the Second World War. Local residents are physically and mentally upset. But the good war is over. In the ruins of the new life, the two young men struggle to find peace and hope to find life.
The animated picture of Kabul's Camps, shown by French women's two producers, Jenbo Braitman and Ilya Gobi Mahkelke, was shown at 11:30 am and at 14:00 in the morning. History of the summer of 1998. Then Taliban rule was held in Kabul. Young people like Mohsen and Yunas love each other. Even in the midst of daily violence and sorrow, they hope for a better future.
These two films are in the exhibition at the Pablo de Fest building in the Salbuci Theater. The first film of Mania Shori, "Love of Brother," the premiere of the second day of the festival in this section was shown at 14:00 at 16:00 at 16:00 at Salbajin and the first film by American filmmaker Ani Silverstein "Bull & 39; Sal Bazin "at 14:00.
Life and you are not aliveOutside the competition
As a special screening, Salman attended Alan Cavalier's documentary "Life and noticing them alive" at 7:30 in the evening. His friendship with the late singer and screenwriter Emanuel Bernachim is 30 years old. Emanuel's autobiography, "Everything was fine," he prepares to make a movie. Alain wanted, Emmanuel played himself and he would play the role of his father. But in the cold of the day, Emanuel said that by the following spring work would be delayed because of his urgent needs. In 2017 he left the country in peace.
PhaibhabiSal du Sosantieem was on Thursday night at 8 pm in the movie "Fibby", directed by Dan Crayes of America. In the mid-eighties, there was a compartment with figures and letters on the fifth floor of the San Francisco general hospital. This was the first initiative for AIDS patients in America. The first person in the documentary "Pet", the words of his close and hospital workers.
Classic ear
On Thursday, at 14:00, Plogoff, Stones Against Rifles (France), French producer Jill Grenzier & Rui Montt & (1959), at 21:00, at 21:00, in the afternoon of 14:00 on Thursday, in the case of a classic photo of the Sonwell Theater at the Pablo de Festival Building. Moula Ruz by John Houston (1952).
The movie from the beach
French fashion designer Alan Barberan of "City Fear: A Family Style Comedy" was shown on Thursday at 21:30 on Tassi Beach in Cana, France. The 25th anniversary of the film in 2019 On this occasion, it appears in the ear. Castors Alan Shabbat, Gerard Damo, Dominic Fruzzia and Chantal Ljub danced at the show.
And I gave you dogsTwenty weeks of the director
Parallel Division of the Director of the Fountain, released by the Association of French Directors The third day of the festival was 9 am and at 21:00 Swedish producer Levin Akin "And gave you a dense". The American designer Coalasian Blow It to Beats & was shown at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock at noon. These photos are displayed at the Marriott Hotel Theater Crossover Zoo.
White, white daySue de la la Cretic
In the paralyzed part of the ear, organized by film critics, at 11:30, 16:00 and 21:00 on Thursday, "White, White Day" directed by Hinnaar Palmasan. At 19:00 there is a special screening of short films. "Anon Sen" on Ala Aadin Alim, which was the premiere of the previous day, was shown again at 8:30 am on Thursday. All exhibitions were Miramare Hotel. On the day of the Pala de Festival building in Buenos Aires, at 8:00 am, Franco Loli's Lydigante appeared the day before.

Another parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival was held at Studio Thirteen at 11 am on Thursdays and 20 pm at the Men's in Arcades Theater and Kongo at 2 pm At the Alexandr Thi Theater and Tech Me Samerès Nice "at 4:30 in the afternoon.
* In the time of France, readers of Bangladesh will have to add four hours.

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