Friday , May 20 2022

Execution engineer is detained for bribery in Dinajpur


Execution engineer is detained for bribery in Dinajpur

Photo: Jugantar

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACK) has arrested Mohamed Delvard Hossain, an engineering engineer from the Dynasty Dynasty, for accepting bribes for the distribution of a house in Denaipur.

He was arrested by his cabinet while receiving bribes for cash from the complainant for a house on Sunday night.
Deputy Director of the Dynaphur Regional Office Abu Huehin Ashikur Rahman said that the land distribution commission of the National Housing Authority was commissioned to allocate a woman named Nazmunnahar to a house in the Dinajpur residential complex. ACC's law enforcement department claims that the National Housing Administration has harassed her, although for one and a half years it was not provided to the house.

Abu Hienna said that despite repeated requests from the victims, executive engineer Mohammed Delvur Hossein and deputy assistant engineer Abdul Vadoud asked Tk 1 lakh for distribution.

"When the applicant received the ACK's asylum, the members of the District Service composed of the Anti-Corruption Commission formed a task force. Since Wednesday night, the team has been conducting a hidden operation in the Dynaphor dynasty. Executive engineer Mohamed Delvur Hossein has long received a bribe from Tk 5000 in cash from the complainant.

He said that at that time ACC members went to his office and arrested him for handcuffs. In this connection, an excerpt was made. The arrested will be handed over to the police.

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