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First female detective in the Bengal film, Koel Mollik

Entertainment News There is no intelligence in Bengali literature. There are many people, including "Feluda", "Bomkesh", "Kakababu", "Kiriti" and many others. Again, they appeared at different times on the movie screen. But the picture of feminine intelligence was not like that in the Bengal film. Now Detective Detective Mitin Maati comes to the Bengali film by director Arindam Shil. The role that can be seen in Koel Mallik
Coin's look "Mitin Masi" publicly reveals the social media of director Arindam Shil. Colorful white sari. Colorful blouse. And big glasses in the eye. In social media, Mitin sought help from the aunt's appearance, Arindam Shil. According to the readers of the story of Suhitra Bhattacharya, it is arranged according to the opinion of Mithin Masike. It is known, however, that in this film three types of Lucas "Mint Tables" can be found.
Shuvrajit Dutta will be seen as the wife of Mithin Aashi The role of Banjohi Tupur will be seen by Ria Banicake.
You can talk about many Bengali people with the writer Suctira Bhattacharya Pranyakarmiata Mukopadhei. However, no directive has been made to try to bring the man to the screen. Director Arindam Shili took the first initiative to bring the screen "Mitin Maati". Suchtira Bhattakari is preparing for the story of "Three Days in Hand".

Earlier, the director said: "Mytin's character is such a character that speaks against sex discrimination, and Mittina is a housewife, and a very intelligent woman, and I used to work with a lot of intelligence stories before, but the character of this female detective, Mithun Ashley, is but Rishu Da (Rituparno Ghosh) did a great success, but it can not be called a complete detective film, in this sense "Mithin Maati" can be said, that he was the first detective in the Bengali film. "
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