Tuesday , July 27 2021

Four people from the same family were accused in the Savar fire … – 704322 | Kaler Kantho

Four people from the same family were thrown into a house fire in Savar in Dhaka. They were rushed to the Six Medical College Hospitals in Savar after being badly burned.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, a fire broke out at the home of the owner of the Mazharul Islamic grocery store in the southern Kanchanpur area in the Savarkar area of ​​the city.

Daswadas – Mazharul Islam, his wife Sumi Akhter, daughter of Sumaiya Aktar and Suraiya Akter

Mazharul Islam said that he fell asleep on the lower floor of Dotala's house. Suddenly, family members shouted and his body fell on his body. Locals rushed home and took fire from home with water. Then, with the help of neighbors, they were admitted to the Six Medical College Hospitals. The Savar Police Station visited the place after receiving the news.

The house was not found in the kitchen and other places. Even all with whole cylinder gas pipes. It's just mysterious how it happened in Mazharul's Islamic bedroom. However, family members believe that fire can burn windows for the fate of former enemies.

Mazhar's younger brother, Azharul Islam, said that his brother Bhabi and his two nieces were burned when the fire spread through the entire electrical chain through the entire house. If he closes the main electric switch, he will easily turn on.

Ms. Mazhar, Sabeda Begum said that her noble son had conspired in various ways. So he can't sleep at night safely. Keep an eye around the house. On Thursday morning, when he rose to pray, he saw a fire from the house of the eldest son on fire. After shouting about the locals, they came and brought the fire under control.

The person in charge of the Savar College Academy Hospital Six Nasir Uddin said that four people who were burned in the fire were treated with clothes. Among them, 35 percent of Mazharul Islam's body, 35 percent of Sumi Akhter, 15 percent of Sumaiya's eldest daughter and 20 percent of the smallest girl were burned. But they are suspicious.

Savar Model Police Officers, Early Guards, Abdul Awal said that this problem was being investigated.

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