Friday , May 20 2022

Four-star shelter


Yid in front of the star drama "Shelter". Musharraf Karim, Tahsan Khan, Nusrat Imro Tisha, Zackie Barry Mama played. Mabur Rashid Banaa is the narrator and director of the play. It was composed by Akbar Haider Moana. The script is on Arif. The shooting of the drama in Tangley has just ended.

Mabur Rashid Banach said: "The shooting days were like a dream. We were all in the shooting shelter. We finished firing in a bungalow in Tangalle. Thank everyone in the shooting. They finished the play beautifully. I did not want to do it with much noise. I wanted to finish shooting first. For the first time, four stars – Musharraf Karim, Tahsan Han, Nusat Imro Tisha, Mama Zayia Barry – have been together. The story of the drama is fantastic, and I do not want to share with the audience at the moment. Featuring an artist, a place to shoot – In general, the drama is good. May the spectator like it.

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