Thursday , June 17 2021

GNP is under the direction of Mirza Fahrull

Secretary General of BNP Mirza Fahrull Islam Allamir

Speaking that all party decisions are "joint leadership," the people's movement will be formed in the future in order to restore democracy, Mirza Fahrull said. He said that we would be glad to say that after Hada Zaya went to jail we developed a joint leadership. We go to the public with all the decisions made through this joint guide. With people, we will have to restore democracy today to people by joining the movement. Therefore, let us together create a mass movement, through which we will liberate the landlord, liberate democracy, and return Tariq Rahman back to the country.

This was stated by the Secretary General of the National Reform Party at a rally in the audience of the National Press Club on Monday.

The rally was held to demand the retirement of Khaleda Zia and Tariq Rahman, released at the former and current Jagannath University student forum.

Asking the student community to unite, the secretary-general of the BNP said that the students had always sacrificed most of their lives, these students had given more blood to the language movement, donated blood to the 69th movement, donated blood to the war of independence .

Tell the students today, tell the young people, tell the young man that he has a great responsibility for all of them. This responsibility is to protect the country, defend democracy, free the leader of our country, return Tarik Rahman to the country, we all have to unite and create a strong movement.

Sri Lanka condemns the attack:

In the Sri Lankan blasts in Colombo, about 300 people mourned the death of Secretary-General of the BNP, Fahrull.

He said we wanted to make it clear that we condemn such murders, such terrorist acts, we are protesting. Against this, there will be a movement around the world. "

Former organizer Abdul Haleka, Holandar, chairs the meeting, organized by the former and current student forum of Jagannath University. Former student leaders Shamsusaman Dudu, Amman Amman, Assaduzaman Ripon, Hajrul Kabir Hokan, ABM Mosharaf Hossein, Amirul Islam Khan Alim, Anisur Rahman Khan Hokan, Abdul Kader Buhuyan Jowel, Yathyabadi Chhatra Dahl Secretary General Akramul Hassan.

Prior to going to this event, the Secretary General of the BNP visited a member of President Shiruul's wing, Khan Hahn, who was hospitalized at Kakrail Islami Hospital. He was accompanied by AZM Zahid Hossain and Syed Emran Saleh Prince.

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