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Guess 15 unknown Google services

The development of technology has brought us all over the world. If we want to know about the Internet, we can report it. For this, our colleagues have many search engines. However, Tech Giant Google is above all.

It's hard to find a person who does not use Google services in the current era. Gmail, search engine, Google map, Google image, Google's unique service unknowingly used. But there are many Google services that we do not know.

Let's see if this unknown service is a Google technology giant

Google entrance Tools

The common language of global technology products is English. The common language of the computer keyboard is also English. Problems writing different languages ​​on your computer are too old. In this case, there is sound-based writing software in different languages. Google Input Tools have Google Labs to make it easier.

Without any keyboard download in different languages, it is possible to enter more than 80 languages ​​using Google Input Tools. The service can be used by https // / inputtools / try /.

The way we write through mobile SMS can be written exactly as it is from here. And it can be used on almost all online platforms.

Google Book Encagram Viewer

Along with the published online book, almost 20% of all books published in Google Earth have already been scanned. The Google Analytics Viewer has created Google Labs to know which words, when and how often it is used in these books.

This app can show the 1400 profile so far. The languages ​​that support it are Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew and Russian. The service can be used at https //

Google scientist

Another Google Lab app is "Google Scholar". This is a search engine that can explore different online guides. Since its launch in 2004, it has managed to index almost all online magazines. Here is an advanced search option that allows you to find a magazine by specifying the publisher's author, posting time, and more. The service can be used by https // / address.

Google classroom

Their homework or task can be updated in this app. Whatever you are, there is a task that can be updated on the road. Can you say that Google Classroom works to establish links between teachers and students. The service can be used by https //

Google clock

Do any job at the appointed time. You can use Google's timer for it. The Google search box can also be used as a timer or as an alarm. For this, write the time and enter the timer. Google will notify you even after the lapse of time

Google I do sky travel

If you wish, you can visit your desk through Google's solar system. Google Earth will be available from a NASA satellite. For this you need to go to


Wallpapers are one of the most popular Android apps. This app has many high quality wallpapers. Rose Wallpaper can also be mixed with this app.


This app will tell you before the data runs out. The Dateline application is a very useful application for monitoring the use of data from your phone.


This application can make a digital copy of photo printing. The mind can be hidden by artificial intelligence. You can also edit yourself as photoscan.

Google Excursions

Google Tripp comes with the convenience of storing all your visit information. Also, this app will advise you where you are going.

Google Fit

Google Fit tracks your physical status. With this app you can find out how many walks or how many bicycles you ride.

Reception prizes

With this app you can make money from your phone. You can earn money by responding to different survey questions using a local handbook. You can spend this money on the Play Store or Play movie or on another Google service.

files cow

This app helps you keep your phone clean. Additionally, the application is quite useful as a file manager.

Google nap

This is an application for writing notes. You can record an application, note, reminder or list at the same time.

Google arts and culture

When you spend money in the Louvre in France, you will not see the famous Mona Lisa picture. This app will take you virtually to the Louvre. Not only Luvor, it will help you make virtual excursions to all the world-famous museums.

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