Saturday , July 31 2021

Heroine Sanai breast implants worth 35 million!

Newcomer to Bangladesh, Suprava Mahbub Bint Sanai Smaller breast size than breast implants. Many famous heroes do it.

Among them, we heard the names Sushmita Sen, Ayesha Takia, Shilpa Shetty, Shree Devi, Mallika Sewalat, Kangana Rana Vayt, Bipasha Basu from India. Bright, this year's female hero, added to the country.

The beauty of a woman is one of the limbs. Many Bollywood actresses have increased breast size with the help of surgery. Similarly, Sanai is connected and connected to it. Bollywood stars are often noticed in knives, rhinos and oysters.

Shilpa Shetty is once again beautiful after & # 39; plastic surgery & # 39; Anushka Sharma again Once again, plastic surgery has changed the appearance of actress Bani Kapoor. Overall, plastic surgery is only a small problem for Bollywood actresses. But, now is the bold implant surgery the head of Sanai's hero from Dhaka?

Sanai told reporters, "He has carried out breast surgery from Thailand to make himself look good. Basically doing this is to enhance his beauty, not modernity. & # 39;

Asked about how much money was spent, Sanai said, "My total cost is around 35 lakh. However, this operation is very expensive." It is known that with spines on the face and lips, the appearance can be changed at once.

Recently, all photos and videos of Sanai female heroes were released on their own Facebook page or Instagram, which became viral throughout the country. Now there are many fans of Sunai heroes throughout the country. Young people who are getting up take their stylish pictures and videos.

It is known that the history of the story of the released filmmakers, Mainna, and the inactive fire Two Simmons heroes also appear in films that are waiting and taking revenge, and love is played 24/7.

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