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High Green High –

Hearing of Justice Minister Nazmul Ahshan and Justice KM Camur Kader
On Wednesday, Greenline authorities said the court's flexibility
If you think of "weakness," it will be a big mistake.

Hannif, mayor of Yatrabari, on April 28 last year
The private bus driver Russell Sarker was pressed by the Greenline bus.
The doctors were forced to cut their feet to save him.

The first to compensate for Russell's government
Greenline will pay Tk 50 lakh despite medical expenses in a petition to file a petition filed by MP Umm Kulsum
The Supreme Court ruled. Later the order remained in the Appeals Department.

Then on April 10 the government of Russell Tk 5 lakh
Paying the Greenline Transport Authority one month to pay the remaining 45 rubles

After that time, they have no other meaning
On May 15, due to non-payment, the court paid the full payment within that time by seven days
It gives a strong warning about this.

Accordingly, the judge came to court on Wednesday, according to the judge
Initially, the lawyer from Greenwich Paribahan Oeyhu Ulah
Do you want to know – whether the order is executed or not?

Lawyer Ochi Ulah said:
"Greenline's transportation has not contacted me in the last 20 days. So am I.
I decided to withdraw from this case. I am very dissatisfied with their behavior. "

Then the lawyer of the petitioner, Khondker Shamsul Haq, called Reza to him and asked the judge
You want what the Greenline authorities have so far given to Russell's treatment

Then Reza Reza told the court,
Greenlines gave Tk 3 lakh for treatment. Earlier he received a check on Tk 5 lakh. compensation
No instructions are given for the rest of the money. "

The court wants to know at this time whether Russell can walk.

Then lawyer Reza said: "Artificially
The legs are lifted, now he can walk on the chest.

Rassel, sitting in the back row of the courtroom, approached Diaz with a box.

At this point, Russell's lawyer told the court: "I think they do not mean money (Green Line)
Looking for the process of giving. Such news is in the media.

Then the judge said, "Those who do business must have human values. All our worries
The total order is not reflected. Everything is not done in the court order. I swear
I did not accept any anger, affection, and anger toward any of us. But for us a green line
The behavior did not look good. "

The judge then told lawyer Azizula: "You are still a lawyer. Contact us
Do it. There is no reason to think about the weakness of flexibility. Do not force us to be harsh.

Later on the next order
The court adjourned the meeting on 25 June for the day.

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