Sunday , June 4 2023

Holy Eid today The Daily Star Bangla


St. Eid today. One of the great religious holidays of Muslims is celebrated throughout the country today (August 12) with tremendous enthusiasm and enthusiasm and appropriate religious status and mood.

Religious Muslims sacrifice animals after the Eid-ul-Azha church in the hope of earning Allah's undeserved goodness.

This was announced by the BSS news agency on the occasion of St. Eid-ul-Aja, the president announced. In a separate message, Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina conveyed their sincere greetings and good wishes to all Muslim brothers and sisters around the world.

The president said that the sacrifice instills in us a spirit of self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice, it teaches us the spirit and patience to share happiness and sorrow with our loved ones and neighbors. We need to be inspired by the spirit of restraint and self-sacrifice in order to create a path to peace and well-being in society, understanding the meaning of sacrifice.

In his message, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called for the creation of Bangladesh without discrimination, happiness and prosperity by working from his own position, holding the heart of Saint Eid-ul-Azhar.

"Eidul Aja teaches peace, compassion, sacrifice and brotherhood," he said. So let us all create an uneven, happy, prosperous and peaceful Bangladesh by sharing in the well-being of Saint Eid-ul-Aja with our hearts.

President Md. Abdul Hamid will exchange greetings to Eid with people from all levels in Bangababan on the occasion of Saint Eid al-Ajah. The program will start at 5:30 pm in Bangababan on this day. In the case of Aid-ul-Aja, the President will make a brief statement.

On Eid-ul-Aja, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will exchange greetings on Eid with party leaders and activists, judges and foreign diplomats at his official Ganobaban residence today.

This time, Eid Jamaat is being held at 12 locations in the capital on the initiative of the DNCC and DSCC. Among them, Eid-ul-Azhar is held at 12 locations of Eid-ul-Azha and 20 locations in North City Corporation, together with Eid-ul-Azha, the headquarters of National Eidgah in the Daka South City Corporation area. Each time the largest Jamaat of Eid takes place on the site of Sholakia Idga in Kishoreganj.

National flags are being erected on public and private buildings and on missions in Bangladesh abroad on the occasion of Saint Eid al-Ajah. The flag of Aid Mubarak is also displayed on important islands for traffic and light posts in Dhaka. The night will illuminate certain government buildings and important military installations.

In the case of Eid, yesterday began a three-day public holiday. Countless people from various major cities in the country, including the capital Dhaka, have moved to the village house to share the joy of Eid with their loved ones.

Heads of departments or districts, retained or city corporations, or municipal or armed forces or government agencies across the country celebrate Eid on their own agenda in the light of national programs. Saint Eid-ul-Aja is celebrated at the embassies and missions of Bangladesh abroad.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Television, Bangladesh's wireless and private media broadcast special programs of due importance.

In the case of Eid, good food is served at all government hospitals, prisons, community orphanages, old residents and drug treatment centers.

All children from Dhaka South City Corporation and Dhaka North City Corporation are provided access and entertainment free of charge for Eid Day.

All necessary measures have been taken to ensure that the waste from the sacrificed animal is not spread through the waste. Leaders of various political parties, social and cultural organizations also congratulated Eid on the occasion of a religious holiday of the Muslim community.

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