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How gentle, beautiful was Hashim Amla in your life ?: – 802355 | The voice of time


Another star has fallen from world cricket. South African batsman Hashim Amla says goodbye to international cricket. Cricket was very expensive for cricket fans because of its elegant behavior on the cricket ground. Not just on the pitch; In personal life, bureaucrats have a similar nature. Performance analyst Prasana Agoram revealed the character of the staff in the "Rainbow loses its color" section.

He wrote: "I do not understand how to begin the story of the best man I have seen. The whole world knows him as the best batsman. But to me he is even better as a man. I can start with the dinner event at his house. When I finished eating that day, I was wondering where to put the plate. Hashim Amla suddenly took the plate from my hand, put the plate in the sink and left it in the basket of food left behind. In a sudden protest tone, I would say something in protest before he said, "Hey, brother, you came to my house. You are my brother In some cases my master. Give me a chance to honor you. "

"May I say another meal for readers. Needless to say, I'm not that gourmet. I couldn't finish eating a dish at his house that day. Hashim said, "Brother, don't waste food." Then he took the remaining food on my plate and started eating. I was shocked again, the other day I realized what changes needed to be made to become good people. Hashim is my master in this regard. "

– Tell a story about cricket. Test Test Series in Australia in 2012. And we were able to rise to the top of the test chart. There are 5 more overs left in the game of the day. If you can make 5 runs out of this, the lead will be 25. The chances of winning will also increase. He asked me, "What will my brother do?" I said, "counter attack." But word of mouth is not so easy to do in the field. The invasion of Australia under Mitchell Stark was great. But the bureaucracy was so aggressive that at one point coach Gary Kirsten (coach) came and asked me what I had told him!

I said, "I didn't say anything." But if Gary believes me, then! Gary laughed a little and said the truth. I didn't hide anymore. Gary laughed again, "If Hashim is unbeaten today, he'll tell him to play slowly tomorrow – he's still three days into the match. No need to finish the game as fast. "At the end of the day, Hashim said to me, 'Brother, are you happy?'" We drove 202 runs to that end and we were forward by the end of the second day. I jokingly said, 'You have a double century.' this?

Amla surprised me and said, “Remember one thing, there is never anything in life. Everything is the grace of the Creator. When I was on the move, the delivery went very close to the stump on the bat leg. I had a great ball I could be brave. The Australians got a wicket. They can discuss my fate in the locker room. I scored 42, which was more than he owed. For this I am grateful for the slopes I made. Always be pleased.

As I've never seen him angry, I've never seen him boast. Even in a very personal environment. Because he is not an actor; He is like that. It was first introduced to her in 212. At first glance, he tells me, "Will you help me?" I said, "In the best shape of life, what else can you help?" Nobody is perfect. I like your analysis in the latest series. I want to learn more. The players are good, but how can I handle Harbhajan Singh? He will bounce into this wicket.

"As time goes on, we are getting closer. He would come to my room almost every night to drink tea, talk about cricket or whatever he thinks. If I couldn't find my favorite rice and bread, he would take me to his friend's house and arrange dinner. I will miss these things. There is another story about eating and drinking that I want to share with everyone. It was 20 years, four days since the Bangalore test. I'm always at the team hotel. I don't even go to the IPL. But the weather was such that the management of the team was asked to return.

"I wanted to bring a few more people, including Hashim, into the house, but security officials were worried about the security of the apartment I was staying in. So I'm going alone. Around four in the afternoon, Hashim appeared at the door with Imran Tahir and a security guard. I didn't understand what to do. There was no room for four people in the house. Just one sofa. Hashim came in and sat on the floor. He did not come here to pick up the size of your house. They come from love You are my brother Please, a glass of spiced tea.

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