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How to reduce the prince of Shahinur's husband in sleep!

How to reduce the prince of Shahinur's husband in sleep!

Dinajpur's correspondent: A woman cut off her husband's sex at Dinajpur Parbatipur. Police arrested Shahinur Akhter (28) in this connection. This incident happened in the village of Sarkarpara, located in the reunification of the settlement. When an incident of family feuds is revealed, a region's agitation is created.

The victim's name was Mashiur Rahman (32) The defendant filed a lawsuit at the Parbatipur police station on Friday claiming that his older brother, Motiur Rahman.

Besides Shaquinur, the other two accused Abdul Hallek (55) and Rasheda Begum (45) are hiding.

According to the case, it is known that on Thursday Shaquinur Akter, having eaten the food, consumed herbal medicines with his milk, his wife Moshiur. When the whole house falls asleep, the wife's penis is cut off with a sharp knife and cuts it off the body. It is alleged that the head was broken with bricks to kill it.

Matthew Rahman said that 11 years ago Shakinur Akter, the daughter of Abdul Halek, a resident of the village of Ramnapur Gaidayapara under Bagharanja, had partaken of Parabatipur, he married his younger brother, Mohir Rahman Mukout. They have two sons, Sohanur Rahman (8) and Shihtala (5). After the incident, when Moshehr's eldest son interrupted the sleep of Sohanur Rahman, he called to see the blood on the floor.

The men from the house came and rescued the injured Mashiur and took them to the Parbatipur Upazila health complex. After the condition got worse, he was admitted to Dinajpur and later to the Rangpur Medical College hospital.

Local sources say that a year ago Mashur Rahman married secretly in Dhaka without telling his wife. Knowing about this matter, Shahin Akhtar has filed a lawsuit against her husband.

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