Sunday , January 24 2021

"I love my love" on February 8th

Bureau for show business: The movie "My love me Priya," which will be released on February 8, will be released by director Paramoni. In the film, directed by young producer Shamimul Islam Shamim, acting against Parimani, Kayes Arzou His construction was completed long ago. Last year the movie had to be released, but for many reasons it was to withdraw from the procession. Now the film is released on February 8, due to skepticism. Director Shammul said this information. In this context, director Shammul Islam Shamim said, "I finished filming" My Love My Priya "for a long time, and last year I wanted to release the film, but it was not different for a variety of reasons." He also said, "The film has clearance "It will be released at the theater on February 8. The film has many pretty scenes, including comedy and romance, and we hope the film will be well received by Arzoo-Pee's actress." Mozammel Haque Khan's Production of One Star Banner International Movie has six songs in this movie.

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