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– I plan to kill

Actress Sadda Parvin Papi, winner of a national film award Photo: Mohamed Ibrahim

"An artist survives with his work. Good works, such as the creation of a place of the artist, the non-work work destroys the position of the artist. I did a lot of pain to make my position. The director intends to kill me by releasing him. "These words told NTV Online that the actress who won the national film award Sada Parin Papi

"The Director", directed by Kamruzzaman Kamu, will be released to the upcoming Eid. However, the movie will be released on YouTube and will be released on YouTube. Poppi says it's not a movie.

"It's not a movie," said Poppi. There was only one drama for the TV. How does the drama become a movie now? We shot it 12 years ago. I do not even remember it. After so many years of drama how the film? This is a crime. These are scams. I only had two days of shooting. The film was shot after two days.

Poppi told the pilgrims: "The love of the audience and my hard work today made me poppy. I can no longer deceive them. Those who are interested can not do much. The first drama, and then the movie, is now listening to the film. I worked as an artist two days ago 12 years ago I do not know anything else.

The director, directed by Kamruzzaman Kamu, has been hanging over the past 12 years for various reasons. The film began shooting in 2007. Sensor deposited in 2013 Receives permission in 2015. Finally, the Director will see the light of liberation in this year's ID.

Markus Russell will be seen as the hero of Poppi in the director. In addition, Mohamed Karim, Naifa, Kochi Handakar, Tarek Mahmoud, Tvanayen Suettie, Nafija Jahan, Bapi Ashraf, Kamrazzaman Kamu and others also took part in the film.

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