Wednesday , May 18 2022

I will make Abram crazy like me; In order not to eat his father's name alive: -802735 | The voice of time


King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and Abram. Photo: Internet

Shah Rukh Khan has not been able to give hit pictures for several years. Therefore, its price has not dropped so much. She is a Bollywood king and will stay. The journey from an ordinary boy to becoming a "Bollywood king" was not at all smooth. Shah Rukh became a symbol of the traditional Hindi movie romantic character and then made his way from the television series.

Chess Rukh, a glorious Bollywood career of 20 years. The question is, will his three children Ari, Suhana and Abram also follow his path? In an interview recently, Shah Rukh said, "I do not want to impose my thoughts on them (arian, dry). What have I got through hard work, why should they follow what I gave to Indian cinema? They need to learn something new, to do something new. "

Shah Rukh also said: "As an actor, I always want my kids to do something new. I would never want their parents to break what they did and survive. "

Talking about the big boy Arius, Shah Rukh said, "Arian wants to make a movie. My relationship with him is friendly. I told him to go to my cinematographer friend Robbie Berman to learn the camera. He does it now.

Speaking about Suhana, Shah Rukh said: "Suhana wants to act. The French festival, which takes place in Edinburgh, and it is there now. He makes theater. Tish is seeking admission to the School of Arts and Acting Training. "

After all, it's the younger boy Abram's turn. Shahrukh said: "I am a very bad person so I do not want any influence on my children. But I just want to make Avram as crazy as I am. I want to teach Abram how to become king.

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