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Incorrect courthouse of Dharmasena and Erasmus in the final

Taylor's changes ended with Erasmus's erroneous decision. Photo: Twitter

Kumar Dharmasena came to the discussion with a poor decision in the semi-final. Yet Darmassena, who is in the final, continued the trend. Marie's Erasmus also joined him. In the first instigations of the final they took three wrong decisions

The ICC did not try much for the verdict, so it is out of the question. Only elite arbitrators have been assigned the responsibility for the World Cup. To improve the solution review system (DRS), various technologies have been added, including snikometer, Ultra Edge, Huq Eye. Jing Bell technology has also been added for the convenience of the judge. But where does it work? The forgotten court in the final of the World Cup is today.

The wrong decision of the Arbitrators during the World Cup was at the center of the discussion. Regularly protesting against the controversial decision, the botanist's view of the players was regular on the field of players with arbiters. Jason Ryan's protest was wrong in the semi-finals of England-Australia due to improper decisions taken by Judge Kumar Dharmasena.

Following the debate, the ICC has given responsibility for the final of the Arbitrators assigned to the England-Australia match in the semifinals. The ICC was expected to give good arguments for the final decision on the wrong decisions. This hope is in the hope that Kumar Dharmasena took the wrong decision in the third over the match. Chris Wauks failed to stop the ball. Nicholas, the Oakes Boiler, asked Arbiter Dharmasena to raise his finger and point.

After the wrong decision was made in the semi-finals, Jason Roy joined the field with the judges on the pitch. Photo: Reuters

After taking Nicholas' examinations, it was seen that the ball went in many doors. Third Judge Rod Tucker changed Dharmasena's decision.

Even if Nicholas survived the review, Ross Taylor did not have that destiny. Team Guptil failed to challenge the mistakes made by the Erasmus referee as he watched the review earlier. Taylor failed to play the ball correctly, being the first in the 33rd. Even when the ball was on the pad, as if the eyes were empty, the ball would have a lot of stumps. But what Erasmus saw, who knows! The output of the index was announced by the index. Later, the ball appeared on the replay, and the ball could move a lot from the stump of the leg.

Dharmasena made another wrong decision in the 22nd of these two mistakes. After being hit on the back of the legend, Liam Planket was captured by the butler Butler after being hit by the Door Butler's door. But she avoids Dharmasena's eye. After review, England understood Williamson's important door.

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