Thursday , July 18 2019
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"India to beat Bangladesh to stop Pakistan"

Bangladesh faced a solid equation in the World Cup semi-final. Tigers are in the hands and only two games. In order to receive the last four tickets, they must win every well well.

Pakistan is the same equation! There is no open door in front of any party to keep the dreams alive. In fact, both teams will have to fight in the semi-finals.

Bangladesh will face India on July 2 at the final of the second edition of the final. Former Pakistani cricket player Basit Ali says Kochi will lose the match against Mashrafe in this match.

At a ceremony at the Pakistan TV channel ARY News, he said India has a match with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Naturally, the team will lose 9 points in five games to prevent Pakistan. The Blues men played against Afghanistan as they all played it.

Still, the cricket has said he has only played five games in the 50's in a blue star jersey. They will never want Pakistan to play in the second final. Do you see they will play such a game, many people will not understand what is going on in the game? As seen in the match against Afghanistan

At that time Basit asked what would you say if India wanted to give Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to leave the game? He did not, however, directly address the question he did not directly address.

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